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Bits Update #5

Yeah, so it's been a while. For those that actually followed the site (maybe one or two people) I apologize for the lack of updates! But I did go through recently and I updated the Shrines section, as well as the Reviews & No Death runs! Now let's get into the channel teasers!

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West SNES Review
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West SNES Review Coming Soon!

In the coming days I will be dropping An American Tail: Fievel Goes West SNES uh... re-review? So I reviewed this one a long time ago and was not thrilled with the quality in 2023. So I made it my personal point to go back and beat the game without dying, unbox it and review it! The former 2 are already live on the channel, but the review is waiting in the wings. I hope you all enjoy it!

Earning My Wings

Pilotwings SNES Longplay
Pilotwings Coverage Coming Soon!

After the Fievel Goes West coverage concludes we will then dive into Pilotwings for the next video game related content! Pilotwings is a game that I played a long while back with my friends Kevin & Ricardo, but we never beat it. In my effort to cover the SNES launch titles, I made it a point to tackle this beast once and for all... and I finally did it! So as usual, you can expect a Longplay with commentary of the game, as well as an unboxing and a review to follow. Pilotwings is a true SNES classic in every sense of the word and I am very grateful to be able to cover it in detail.

Movies & Vlogs!

Massive 4K & Blu-ray Haul
Movies Are Cool Too!

As many of you may have seen recently, I've been getting a little bit more into movie collecting of the 4K, Blu-ray & VHS variety. Sometime soon Part I of II of my massive movie haul will be dropping before the end of January 2023. I'm still probably going to sprinkle movie pickups in with my video games, but if I ever have very distinct movie centric pickups I will separate it out into other videos for those to enjoy.

I also plan to do a Vlog-style video on a retro gaming topic before the end of January as well.


Final Fantasy VI Ted Woolsey's Uncensored SNES Patch
Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition

I know a pretty big majority of my subscribers & channel members follow me for RPG content. Well, the wait is... almost over! I will be beginning my playthrough of Final Fantasy VI on the SNES utilizing the Ted Woolsey Uncensored Patch. My goal here is to have a faithful, original FFVI/FFIII SNES experience but with a better script. I'm on the fence if it's going to be a Longplay or a Let's Play, but you can definitely expect an FFIII SNES retail unboxing as well as a review to follow.

Big Thanks to the Channel Members!

Since my last update post I became monetized on YouTube! I already made a video discussing the topic here, but I wanted to give a separate shoutout to all Channel Members past and present for their generosity in supporting the channel.

Members: RyuRonin, SchmittWylde, Pronator Tendon, Jimmy A Gaming, Normal Al, ShockstormRPG, freakswat, Stalltalk & Jean-Francois Poirier Michaud.

And even if you're not a member, thank you for being a subscriber or at the very least taking the time to watch a video of mine. I really appreciate it. I will be more frequent with my updates from now on... I promise!

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