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About Bits & Glory

About Bits & Glory

Bits & Glory started out as the brain child of founder, Cody a.k.a. The Bear. Originally the idea was to simply review games on YouTube under the moniker of NES Dungeon. However, the origins have a much deeper root.


Cody and a bunch of his close friends wanted to start playing Tecmo Super Bowl and NHL 94 in organized leagues. Thus birthed the official beginning of the Bits & Glory name. See where the pun comes from? Guts & Glory, but translating it over to retro sports games!

Bits & Glory carried on for quite a few years running online leagues for said sports games, along with the occasional in-person leagues & tournaments. However, as time drew on, interest waned and competitive conflicts arose. Despite some league revival attempts, Bits & Glory as a competitive sports gaming group came to an end officially in 2016.

In roughly 2014, Bits & Glory began a rebrand on YouTube creating video game reviews. The reviews came in roughly once every month or two with some occasional long lapses.

It wasn't until Winter of 2021 where the Bits & Glory YouTube channel became the focal point and the content within began to branch out. After a decent stint on Twitch, which concluded with massive ISP issues, the shift to YouTube and non-live content became a permanent one.

Today Bits & Glory continues game reviews, but also offers up Let's Plays, Challenge Runs, Unboxings, Pickups Videos, Collection Videos and the list goes on within the retro gaming sphere.

If this at all interests you, please consider Subscribing to my YouTube channel by clicking the button below. Enjoy your stay.

Bits & Glory Bitsman
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