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Parasite Eve Shrine

Parasite Eve Shrine

Let's Play Parasite Eve PS1

Bits Plays Parasite Eve PS1

Check out my first ever playthrough of Parasite Eve on the Sony Playstation. This was played on real hardware and it was real good! Click below to watch.

Parasite Eve EX Game Chrysler Building Longplay

Parasite Eve EX Game Longplay

After I beat the game, I decided to do a Longplay without commentary of the EX Game mode with the Chrysler Building. Gotta get that true ending! Check out the button below to watch.

Parasite Eve PS1 Review

Parasite Eve PS1 Review

Check out my review for Parasite Eve. This is truly a holiday classic filled with lots of... Holiday cheer & mitochondria. Click the link below to watch!

Parasite Eve Unboxing

Parasite Eve PS1 Unboxing & Preview of the Strategy Guide

Check out my unboxing of Parasite Eve on the Sony Playstation! We also take a brief look at the official Strategy Guide. To watch just click the button below.

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