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Bits Update #3

Lots of cool stuff to catch you guys up on!

As many of you are aware, we are doing a Zelda II: the Adventure of Link ONSLAUGHT! Haha. My first playthrough which is 8 parts long is going up now. After that is concluded, there will be a no death run with commentary & a version of the run without, an unboxing, a meme short & a Bitscast! These will be released in order to not break up the Zelda II content.

After Zelda II, What's Next?

Robot City Games Trip
NES Wall from Robot City Games

Some VLOGGING content! That's right another pickups video is ready to rock behind the scenes as well as a pretty cool retro game hunting, arcade, family trip to Robot City Games! Stay tuned for that one, it was fun stepping outside of my comfort zone for a bit.

After the vlogging stuff is uploaded, we will be releasing a Metroid NES no death run! Yet again, one version with commentary and one without.

What Are You Working On Now?

Currently, I am about 3/5's through Wild ARMs! Hoping to start dripping that out sometime in the next 2 weeks? As always, I will follow up with an unboxing and potentially a re-review! I reviewed Wild ARMs back in the day, but might want to dive a bit deeper than I did then.

Let's Play Wild ARMs
Let's Play Wild ARMs Coming Soon!

I also have to record some unboxings for Breath of Fire, Brandish & Shining Force CD so we can flesh out our Shrines section a bit more!

Lastly, I am slowly grinding Ninja Gaiden no death. Making some decent progress.

Thanks as always for all the support & stay tuned!

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Cody Kotsopoulos
23 jul 2022
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